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True Laser Track

It's Time to throw away the strings !!!!

"You'll either buy, and use the True Laser Track, or you'll be following someone that did."

True Laser Track is the Best, the Easiest and the MOST Accurate Way

True Laser Track (TLT) makes Alignment Simple!

Michael Loescher, chief instructor for FinishLine Racing School and creator/inventor of the "True Laser Track" is a lot like his mentor John Browning. Mike designed a SIMPLE and HIGHLY ACCURATE alignment system. There ARE OTHER  Laser Systems out there for sale. Some go to the rim/wheel (everyone knows that is NOT accurate). The NEW system for sale looks like a "REAL" Lego set with all the bells and whistles but this system is NOT accurate. The only HIGHLY ACCURATE system is one that comes off from the CENTER of the hub/spindle and that's the PATENTED TRUE LASER TRACK! Like the writer of the John Browning article below said: "Designing something complicated is easy; it takes a genius to make it simple". DO NOT be fooled by the other "REAL" systems, all the bells and whistles LOOK impressive. But think about it, what are you really buying? How accurate is the system and how simple is it? Do your homework and ask some ACCURATE questions. Your TLT can do but is not limited to: Front Toe, Rear Toe, Right Side Contact Patch, Left Side Contact Patch, Bump Steer, Ackerman, Front Track Width, Rear Track Width, Rear Roll Steer, Align RF up to RR, Rear Straight with frame, and Square Body to chassis. We can stand behind our product 100%, click here for our TLT Guarantee.

Magazine: America's First Freedom Magazine
Issue date: July 2006
John Moses Browning, The man who invented the way America shoots

The man who would hold 128 firearms patents received his first patent, number 220271, on Oct 7, 1879. Fifteen words in his patent application for a single-shot rifle capture Browning's brilliance as a designer: "The operating parts are greatly simplified and rendered more durable and certain in their operation." Designing something complicated is easy; it takes a genius to make it simple. Part of the reason for young John's success was his innate ability to grasp thefunctional beauty found in simplicity.

Mike Loescher's observation: John Brownings 45 automatic pistol invented in 1911 is still being used today and the design has NEVER been changed in close to 100 years. The True Laser Track will be the same, the TLT design is so PERFECT and HIGHLY ACCURATE that it is unconceivable the design will ever change. Can other systems make that claim? I doubt it.

The True Laser Track (TLT) will become as essential as a set of scales for STOCK CARS, OPEN WHEELED, DRAG CARS, ANY TYPE OF RACE CAR.  We have adapters for everything from Sprint Cup to Quarter Midgets. LASER ACCURATE TO A FEW .001 OF AN INCH.

" We are very proud that an institution like Forsyth Technical Community College would choose to purchase and use the True Laser Track", remarks founder Mike Loescher." Most colleges take systems that are FREE even thou that system "may not work". "Dean and teacher" Bill Wilder knew he saw a great system when he viewed how it worked at the 2006 Performance Racing show in Orlando, Fl. Bill purchased the entire system and uses it with every class. "It is a honor to be able to teach the youth of tomorrow how to properly set up a race car and the proof is on the race track when the car ends up in victory lane" says Bill. True Laser Track is very proud to be associated with Bill Wilder and Forsyth Technical Community College.
Forsyth Technical Community College
2100 Silas Creek Pkwy
Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Other Colleges that use our System are;

The "TLT Driveline Alignment Tool"
Easiest way to gain 6 - 18 HP
Align your driveline with laser accuracy
Models available for most standard and automatic transmissions
Affordable !!!

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The "Tri Hub Adapter"
fits 5 X 5; 5 X 4 3/4 and 5 X 4 1/2 is a MUST for any chassis shop that has multiple race cars. No matter what you have for rear drive flanges this Tri Hub set will work. Also available  adapters for Sprint Cars, Silver Crown and Midgets (both Asphalt and Dirt).
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"True Laser Track"

"We have adapters for everything from Sprint Cup to Quarter Midgets."

  • Laser alignment System
  • Stock Cars
  • Open Wheeled
  • Drag Cars
  • ANY Type of Race Car
  • "NEW" Spyder Motorcycles
  • LASER ACCURATE to a FEW .001 of an inch
  • 32 Minute Instructional DVD comes FREE with each order, DVD IS compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

True Laser Track (TLT) : The accurate way to check your car. Whether it is toe (checking at spindle height or contact patch) or the relationship between the front and the rear tread width.

You can use the TLT to square all four corners, center the rear, align, set toe, lead, off set, roll steer, or any other measurement you need. There are several different device's out there right now that use a laser , but they are all measuring to the wheel. We all know that there is" run out" in the rims and tires. Whatऩfferent about ours is, that it goes to the "spindle".

We have several different styles available, some that bolt right to the hub, like a wide 5, or some that screw to a wide 5 spindle. We also have adapters that screw to the spindle of a Cup Style rear (right and left hand thread) or to the front spindle. So, if you have a particular application we can supply you the parts you need by just producing a different adapter. The same laser will work with all of the different types of adaptors. No matter what you're racing , the TLT is the best, easiest and most accurate system to use.

Cut your set up time in half
And increase your accuracy...

Do a complete Chassis set up in the race shop or use them at the race track when your a pinch.

The True Laser Track (TLT) system is manufactured using 60/61 T6 Billet Aluminum. The precision lasers are manufactured by the same company that the military uses, so rest assured are Quality Pieces!

For example on a ½ mile track the average toe out is 1/8 inch which adds up to be 153 inches per lap of tire scrubbing. When figuring the toe with the TLT, tire scrub can be reduced to less then 9 inches per lap.
Ok, you decide less scrub - more speed.

Michael Loescher, chief instructor for FinishLine Racing School and creator/inventor of the "True Laser Track" appears in many Publications.

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True Laser Track Wins Daytona!
Rob Huffman Wins  Goodies Dash Race using the True Laser Track

The True Laser Track (TLT) will become as essential as a set of scales. You'll either buy, and use the TLT, or you'll be following someone that did.


Check out the TLT Bridge. It will straighten your rear end.
After using the True Laser Track to determine that your rear end is bent and by how much it is bent you can get the "Bridge" to straighten it. Simply bolt on the custom made bridge and with a simple adjustment your rear end will be straightened.

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