The "Driveline Alignment Tool"
New for 2007 !
Click here to read what Bob Bolles had to say in the November 2007 issue of Circle Track Magazine.

The TLT Driveline Alignment Tool !

  • Easiest way to gain 6 - 18 HP

  • Align your driveline with laser accuracy

  • Models available for most standard and automatic transmissions

  • Affordable !!!

  • SOFTWARE is now here and INCLUDED in each kit (software is not Vista compatible)

  • Two sizes in yoke scales: Quick Change and the larger "Cup" style

  • Two trani tool sizes: Large (Jerico, Brinn, Some T-10s etc) and Small (Muncie, Automatic trani's and some T-10's etc)

  • Read what PRI Magazine had to say, click here

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Driveline kit Shows how it looks
once it is inside the
2 Different yokes
Shock Eliminators
are optional and
can be purchased

More info on
Shock Eliminators

Shock Eliminators
(left side)
Shock Eliminators
(right side)
Driveline Pricing for TLT Buyers: (you can use the TLT laser with the kit)
Driveline Pricing Complete Kit: (for those who do not already own a TLT)
  • Driveline Alignment Tool- Complete Kit - Munchie/T-10 "style" Kit  - more info - order

  • Driveline Alignment Tool- Complete Kit - "Jerico" Style Kit  - more info - order

You will also need a Smart Tool  - click here to order one if you do not already have it.

One of our "Most Frequently Asked Question" about the TrueLaserTrack was:
When using the TLT on my chassis and the TLT finds that my rear end is bent “How do I know what tube is bent"?

A: The Answer Is: "more measuring with the TLT laser mounted to a wheel".  BUT NOW if you purchased the Driveline set it is NOW VERY EASY TO FIGURE.  Take the TLT laser, lay it against the machined yoke scale (it is a machined surface so it is a “true” surface ) shoot the laser beam to the right and measure to the right tube – then shoot the laser beam to the left and measure to the left tube. The difference in measurements will tell you what tube is bent. NOW !!!! This is SO MUCH EASIER using the Driveline system that it is almost like getting a BONUS !!!

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