THE BRIDGE from True Laser Track

Non-Quick Change Rear Mounted Bridge

Ford 9" Bridge

HD Quick Change Front Mounted Bridge


The TLT Bridge Comes With:

HD Quick Change
Front Mounted
Bridge Pieces
* Two Arms (top)
* Two 1" Collars (middle)
* HD Quick Change Billet Center Piece (bottom)


* Two Non-Quick Change / Quick Change
* Mounting Brackets


* One Ford 9" Bracket (Choice of Aluminum or Steel)
* The Bridge will work on a Quick Change
Non Quick Change or Ford 9" Rear ends.

The True Laser Track Bridge is a revolutionary, rear end straightening device that will save you time and money. Made for quick, easy assembly and straightening.

Once you have used your True Laser Track and it finds that your rear end is bent, it’s time to let The Bridge help you straighten your rear.

For those of you concerned with product weight, all 3 combinations weigh just 3 pounds! (The steel one weighs 5 lbs)

For more information about The True Laser Track Bridge call (386) 427 – 8522.

Quick Change HD Front Mounted Bridge
(Sturdier design, includes a center link for added strength)
Non-Quick Change / Quick Change Bridge
(Front or Rear Mounted. Also, Please specify Non-Quick or Quick & Front or Rear when ordering)
9" Ford Bridge
(Aluminum or Steel)

Most Frequently Asked Question:
When using the TLT on my chassis and the TLT finds that my rear end is bent “How do I know what tube is bent"?

A: The Answer Is: "more measuring with the TLT laser mounted to a wheel".   If you have the Driveline set – it’s very simple to figure. Take the TLT laser, lay it against the machined yoke scale (it is a machined surface so it is a “true” surface ) shoot the laser beam to the right and measure to the right tube – then shoot the laser beam to the left and measure to the left tube. The difference in measurements will tell you what tube is bent.

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