The "Tri Hub Adapter"

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The Tri Hub Adapter fits 5 X 5; 5 X 4 ; and 5 X 4 , this is a MUST for any chassis shop that has multiple race cars. No matter what you have for rear drive flanges this Tri Hub set will work.  This adapter ONLY works with wheels off and you can make all your adjustments with nothing in your way.  In addition you will need 4 Shock Eliminators for this adapter which we also sell (see more info below).

  • Measure Toe

  • Check Contact Patch

  • Set Dimensions

  • Check Chassis Movement

  • Check Roll Steer

  • Accurate to .0003

  • Check Ackerman

  • Check Track Width

  • AND MORE !!!

* Check Rear End for bent conditions then repair it with "The Bridge"
* More information on Shock Eliminators

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