About the True Laser Track Inventor Michael Loescher

Mike is the FinishLine Racing School Chief Instructor.  He is a former NASCAR modified driver from upstate New York. He started racing at the age of 16, and continued to race professionally for 15 years before moving to Florida. Mike has had an impressive racing career. He has been credited with seven track championships and over 130 victories to his name.

Mike raced and won against some famous names; Richie Evans, Jerry Cook, Maynard Troyer, Ron Bouchard, Geoff Bodine, Bobby Allison, Harry Gant.... the list goes on and on.

As Chief Instructor of the school, Michael Loescher brings more than 30 years of success and championship racing to The FinishLine Racing School and to the True Laser Track.

As FinishLine Racing School's Chief Instructor, Mike has a unique ability to watch a race car and determine if it's the driver making a mistake or the race car. Not only is Mike a champion caliber race car driver, he is also a chassis expert. And that's why The FinishLine Racing School and the True Laser Track Alignment System work so well. Without a combination of chassis and driving knowledge - how can a driving coach help you? They can't - that's why Mike is the best.

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