Quotes about the True Laser Track Alignment System

Skeet Ralston CSR Racing #79
(1/4 midget Dad and Finishline Chassis Student )

"I have read and heard of the success that the big cars were having when they started using the TLT but, I have seen what it does for our 1/4 midget. Last year we were .15 seconds off the track champion. This year using the TLT exclusively for setting toe, Ackerman, squaring the rear axle and checking roll steer we are now +/- .05 of a second off of the same track champion. In our setup, we went from measuring in inches to measuring in thousandths of an inch. Thanks for all the technical and chassis knowledge that you have so freely given us."
Thanks, Skeet Ralston
(1/4 midget Dad and Finishline Chassis Student ) CSR Racing #79

Driver wishes to remain anonymous

"We recently won another race. Since we incorporated some new changes with our Lasers we have had a dominating race car. You have to hit the whole set up just right but when we do we almost cannot be beat.  We know we are beating our competition because of our TLT and as a result of the time Mike spent with us in our shop. Thank you for being such a big part of our success."

Chip Harpe

"We won the season opener at Caraway on Saturday night, March 20.  Qualified 2nd…drew pole…and led it all the way.  Saturday night April 3rd, qualified outside pole and led all the way again for our 2nd win.  We  have to say thanks to our TLT… We know it is a great advantage to us to own this piece of equipment and TLT is largely responsible for our successes. "

Richie Till

"I honestly don't think I can afford not to do this, it's kind of funny, but it costs  just as much to race with a poor handling car as it does with one that handles well, but the poor handling car will never allow you to bring back in any money or have much enjoyment in racing."   



Jim Bawden


"I was sick of the set-up headaches and added expenses of having a multi-car operation.  One of my cars run Wide 5 hubs while the other runs Howe Type.  It took hours to set up both cars, until I purchased the True Laser Track.  We could set up both racecars in half the time and all we had to do was change the adapter between a Wide 5 and a Howe type.  It made set up easier and more accurate."

Rusty Harpe
-Driver of a Southern Late Model Stock

"We have always had a strong, competitive race team but we have always had to work hard for a win. After working with Finishline Racing School, True Laser Track and the TLT Bridge we are experiencing a totally different race car.   I have never driven a car that was so free and easy to drive.   I didn't even break a sweat or get tired.   I felt like I was ready to run another 200 laps.   We owe the credit for this to Mike and his group at Finishline Racing School."

Bud Kenny
- Owner & driver of a Late Model

"Before The TLT  and The BRIDGE - We raced the car the old way just so we would have something to compare the changes to since we had not raced at all this season. We started 2nd and finished 7th .  The car got real tight mid way through the 100 lap feature.  I ran 15.6o's at the beginning of that race,  15.8o's in the middle, and by the end of the race 16.20's."

"After The TLT and The  BRIDGE - We put the TLT on the car when we received The Bridge, so we could do both the right way the first time!  We found that the rear was towed out 1/8th inch, the front was towed out 1/16th of an inch on the right side and 1/8th on the left.  Which totals  3/16th .  The front to rear contact patch was to the left ˝ inch.  To follow what Mike advices, we corrected the problems  and went to the same track to test.

"At testing,  we simulated the start of the race and ran 70 laps  on 100 lap tires ( the prior weeks race tires).  At the beginning of the test times were in the mid 15.40's .  We  made changes to the setup,  went back out and ran in the low 15.30's to high 15.20's.   Then made more changes and our times were in the low  15.20's (ON 170 LAP TIRES)."

"At first we thought the True Laser Track might have been 'snake oil' but in reality the TLT  is the best set up tool around."  

Dean Cornelius
- Driver of 2 Lefthander Late Models and a Super Late Mode

"After attending the 3 day class at FinishLine Racing School, I walked away with a wealth of information, plus the latest tool in the market for laser accurate alignment.  During  chassis class, Mike demonstrated the True Laser Track (TLT), which he invented.  Set-up time is cut in half, and accuracy is to the thousandth of an inch.  Simply put we love it!  I run a Super Late Model as well as 2 Lefthander Late Models, both of which run different hubs.  One of my cars runs a 5 on 5 hub, while the other car runs Wide 5 hubs.  The most significant feature about the TLT  is that I can use it on both my cars; no matter what type of hub it runs.  All I need to do is change adapters." 

Chip Harpe
  - Southern Late Model Stock

"We have been working with several Winston-Cup teams for the past 2 years learning how to accurately align our race car and thought we had developed a good understanding and system to insure that this was properly done.  We spent time each week prior to racing to make sure this was done because we felt it was critical.   If we are performing the procedures right with TLT  we can throw all our strings, levels, plumb bobs and procedures away." 

BJ McLeod - Set the fasted time and led 123 of the 125 laps of the Icebreaker race at Desoto Speedway.


"The car was AWESOME, of course, only because we had used the TRUE LASER TRACK." 



Rob Huffman - Won the Goodies Dash race at Daytona using the True Laser Track.

The 2003 Daytona Speedweeks Running of the Goodies Dash Race was won by gas mileage.  The race was shortened by 16 laps because of rain.  


"This race was all about gas mileage" stated race winner Rob Huffman.   "I've got to thank the TLT,  we set the car up using the TLT.   With less drag and less rolling resistance - we got better gas mileage; which meant one less pit stop.  That was the secret that landed us in Victory Circle!   The TLT  is everything that inventor Mike Loescher says it is."


HC Sellers - Crew Chief for Peyton Sellers' Southern Late Model Stock Car

"Mike came to our race shop and set up our race car using the TLT," explained Crew Chief HC Sellers.   "We went to Martinsville with our driver Peyton and made the feature for  our first time ever!   Peyton beat out at least 200 other Late Models to qualify for the 42 available spots.   The TLT  is the best kept secret in racing - that's Legal!   We can't wait till 2003."

Jerame Donnely - Won 10 races in the 2002 Legacy series. 
After purchasing the True Laser Track (TLT)   He won the two most prestigious races of the year - - -   Martinsville and the Hickory 300. 

"I can't say enough about the TLT" states crew chief Craig Donnely "After setting up the Legacy Race Car with the TLT, my driver Jerame dominated the competition at the year end running of the race at Martinsville. Everyone dreams of winning at the Winston Cup Race Track at Martinsville, And We Did It!   Jerame also Won the 300 Lap race at Hickory.   My hats off to the TLT for putting us on 'track'."

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