FinishLine Racing School Chassis / Mechanics Course
To Finish First, First You Have to Finish

One of the best kept secrets in Racing - The fourth day of each FinishLine's Racing School is spent at the shop in a "hands on" chassis class - Mike Loescher's Chassis book is included in the tuition price.

A championship driver has to understand the mechanics of his car. This additional FinishLine Racing School course can be added to the beginner or intermediate class schedule. The entire day is spent in the chassis shop. The race school instructor goes over every inch of the car, so the student will have a clearer understanding of what happens when the race car changes. An race school instruction manual will be provided so that you can take notes and follow along with class participation. This manual is a definite asset and will be used repeatedly throughout your racing career for reference and the knowledge contained within it. Race School Chassis Class is a hands-on shop day and is highly recommended for anyone serious about a racing "hobby" or "career".

In the race school chassis class the following items will be covered:

Weight Distribution Anti-Roll & Torsion Bar
Toe-In & Toe-Out Rear Suspension
Roll Couple Gears
Balance Off-Set Chassis
Shocks Steering Ratio
Brakes Wedge
Ride Height Wheel Rates
Weight Stagger
Tires Wheels

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